WordCamp Nordic tuli ja meni! Ikävä kyllä en itse päässyt tällä kertaa menoon mukaan. WordPress tapahtumat on ihan mahtavia joihin kannattaa kyllä mennä kuka vain kynnelle kykenee. Kaikkien meidän onneksi jotka ei päässyt messiin mukaan. Tänä vuonna otettiin videota jokaisesta paneelista!

Keräsin nämä simppeliin listaan jonka näet tässä alapuolella. Näistä on napsittu pois tauot yms. Niin voi klikkailla suoraan aiheeseen mikä kiinnostaa eniten.


WordCamp Nordic went by fast! Unfortunately i wasn’t able to attend this year. WordPress events are really awesome and everyone should attend if you just can. Luckily! This year there actually was a livestream that was recorded from the event. I went through the events two YouTube videos and created straight up links so you can hop on the topic that interest you the most. Enjoy!

Congress Hall – Paneelit
UX for everyone
Gutenberg Cloud: Your blocks in the cloud (for every CMS)
Content <3 Design (and vice versa)
5 big mistakes I’ve made as an entrepreneur that you can avoid
The next most important skill to learn
How to investigate and recover from a security breach – real-life experiences with WordPress
Cache is keeping you from reaching your full potential as a developer
The accessibility Business Case
Web Policies and Reporting – Defining Contracts Between Your Site and the Browser
Gutenberg Best Practices For WordPress Developers That Had No Time to Learn JavaScript Deeply
Lessons from WordPress core on how to (not) write code
WordPress at scale within the Norwegian Government

Sirkus – Paneelit
State of WordPress Internationalization in 2019
Environmentally friendly WordPress development
How we grew our blog mobile traffic by 800%
Getting ready for PHP 7.2
Revamping a web service with a react single page app
Standalone Contributor Days: Help make WordPress with your community
The WordPress plugins that your hosting provider fears
How do you create the (almost) perfect multilingual website?
Why i’m building a robot to steal my job
Continuous integration and deployment with WordPress
Integrating multi-lingual products from a PIM to WooCommerce
Who’s afraid of ARIA

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